Angels Child Care Food Program offers annual training as well as occasional workshops for child care providers to stay up to date on the latest nutritional standards.

Guides for New Users

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Training FAQs

Why isn’t my name appearing on my certificate?

When you signed up as a new user, you may not have added your first and last name to your profile and these are used to fill in your certificate.

You can add your first and last name to your profile by visiting the “My Training Profile” page and below the section titled User Training Profile select the Edit Profile link.

There is no date on my certificate. How do I fix this?

You may be clicking on the certificate for the quiz/assessment instead of the one for the entire course.

To view the course certificate visit “My Training Profile” and below your profile header you will find the Your Courses section. Next to your completed training you will find a certificate icon to open the course certificate.

You can also scroll to the bottom to the “Course Progress Details” section there you will find another link to the course certificate.

I need to reset my password.

If you lose access or cannot login visit the “My Training Profile” page and underneath the login box click the link that says Lost your password?

After clicking the link you will be directed to the Password Recovery page where you can enter the email address associated with your account and reset your password.